5 Pieces of Gym Equipment Every Golfer Should Own


The Ultimate Home Gym for Golfers

Ever walked into a gym and been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of equipment available?

Treadmills. Cables. Machines. Free weights. Medicine Balls. Foam Rollers. Resistance Bands.

It doesn’t stop.

Gyms are overloaded with equipment and there is far more there than a golfer will ever need.

With all these choices it is important to prioritize and focus on what gives you the most benefits.

A golf specific workout and the equipment needed should be geared toward 5 areas.

What Will You Need the Equipment For?

Soft Tissue Work and Massage

Golf can be a taxing game. It includes repetitive movement which will take its toll on the soft tissue in your body.

Any golfer that has completed 18 holes can attest to this. Think back to how your feet, calves, hips and lower back feel after a round.

These self-massage tools work to keep you healthy and provide maintaince of your soft tissue between massages.

Increasing Mobility

The ability to repeat your golf swing over and over and over again. This is the holy grail in the golf world.

Mobility is the piece of the puzzle that many golfers overlook when trying to repeat their swing. It provides the freedom of movement that leads to consistency and in turn longer drives.

The great thing about mobility tools is that you can use your body weight as the main tool. You don’t need a ton of the fancy equipment or the machines that other popular golf sites try to sell you on.

The soft tissue tools above will help as well as your body weight. Kettlebells as well as a suspension trainer will help take it to another level from there.

Increasing Stability

Stability takes that mobility you gained above and allows you to take full advantage of it.

Mobility allows more freedom of movement. This movement however will now influence movement in other parts of your body.

Let me paint a picture.

You work really hard to gain mobility through your thoracic spine and in your upper body. You go out and put this to the test. That newfound freedom feels great but now your hips are moving with your upper body as well.

What gives?

Stability! This is your ability to maintain your position when the force of your backswing is trying to pull you in a different direction.

Mobility and Stability go together. If you don’t have one the other won’t work as effectively.

In the situation above having a degree of stability through the hips will unlock the full potential of mobility in your upper body.

The best way to attack stability is through a combination of bodyweight and strength specific exercises.

The tools you will use will be geared toward bodyweight, a suspension trainer, and kettlebells.

Increasing Strength

“I don’t want to get too big. The muscle could interfere with my swing.”

I’ve heard that statement repeated over and over and over again.

It just isn’t true. That is if you are applying the right amount and proper stress to your muscles.

Strength training allows you to increase the recruit of your muscle fibers as well as how your muscle groups are working together. This lets you create even more force.

Power = Force X Velocity

The more force you can create the more power you will have. This will increase your swing speed and drive.

In laymans terms you don’t have to look like an NFL wide receiver to benefit from strength training.

Let’s say that NFL physique does appeal to you? Will it really hinder your golf game?

Not likely. It’ll probably help. As long as you take care of your soft tissue and maintain your mobility.

The bigger the muscle the more force it can create. The more force, as you saw above, the more power.

It also gives added benefit for golfers over age 50. Age causes decreases in muscle mass and fiber size. This loss can go right to the distance you can hit the ball. The more muscle you can build now the easier it will be to sustain your distance.

The tools we use to gain strength are bodyweight, free weights, resistance bands, suspension trainers and kettlebells.

Increasing Power

By now you realize that power is pretty important. It increases your swing speed and allows you to hit the ball further.

In other words…

It gives you bragging rights over beers and makes you want to bring out a tape measure after a particularly long drive.

Power comes from applying the combination of the areas we talked about above.

The coordination of mobility and stability play a huge role in allowing for freedom and balance in your swing.

Strength leads to more force.

Now it’s about applying these attributes into explosive movements much like the golf swing.

The tools we utilize to gain power are medicine balls and kettlebells.

Now that we know what you need to accomplish to improve your fitness for golf lets get into the 5 piece of equipment you absolutely need.

5 Pieces of Gym Equipment Every Golfer Should Own

Now we know that golfers should focus on improving their mobility, stability, strength and power while maintaining the quality of their soft tissue. This makes it easier to recommend the right tools for your home gym.

#1: Trigger Point Performance Kit

A study International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy was published that showed the current research and benefits of self-myofascial release. The results showed.

  • A reduction in Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness otherwise known as DOMS. This is the soreness you feel post workout.
  • Increases your joint range of motion and in turn mobility. This then allows for more movement during your swing.
  • May lead to improved vascular function and parasympathetic nervous system function

In other words using self massage tools like the Supernova will help you move better and feel better.

We recommend the Trigger Point Performance Kit for the options that it provides. It includes a dense long roller that takes the place of a standard foam roller that will wear out over time. The short roller is one of the best around for targeting your calves while the trigger point balls can get in all the small places that the rollers can’t.

There isn’t a kit around for golfers thats offers this much versatility.

#2: First Place Super Bands aka Resistance Bands

Resistance bands can be used to increase the the intensity of almost any movement by adding the load of the band to it.

The bands we recommend, Super Bands, are resistance bands in an elastic form. They provide all the benefits of using your standard resistance bands with handles but add even more use cases.

  • They assist in bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, lunges, and squats. Making these exercises that much easier or more difficult depending on your experience level.
  • Super Bands are a must for golfers who are looking to strengthen their glutes or to get them firing before swinging the club. These resistance bands are excellent for your backside as they can be used for lateral band walks and shuffles to really get you moving.
  • They can be used to assist and magnify stretching and mobility for your upper and lower body. Especially providing a boost for your hip flexors, calves, hamstrings, lats, and chest.
  • I’ve even seen golfers use these bands for power as they provide a recoil that regular resistance bands don’t.

The many use cases of the SuperBands all but eliminates the need for golfers to invest in a combined set of tubing with handles and mini bands. You can’t beat the versatility you can have from a set of these. We recommend the 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1-inch bands to get your set started.

#3: TRX

The TRX Suspension Trainer is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can find. It can be used to increase your mobility, stability, strength and power all from the portability of a small knapsack.

The TRX folds up and can be used in a variety of places by attaching it to a door in your house or any sturdy post outdoors. This includes posts or trees at parks making it especially appealing in the warmer months.

It works by utilizing your bodyweight as resistance allowing you to mimic almost any exercise you see in a gym. Better yet you will get more bang for your buck by using the TRX instead of your standard machine. The TRX forces you to engage your core while using it forcing your body to work as a unit. This is something the average gym machine doesn’t allow for.

The fitness and golf industries have been talking about the importance of the “core” for years now. The TRX as been at the forefront of that as you are forced to engage your core in almost any exercise you utilize the TRX for.

The home gym TRX is a great start for your golf fitness exercises. From there you can also take a look at their even more golf specific TRX Rip Trainer which focuses even more on rotational movements.

#4: Kettlebells

Speaking of versatility.

Kettlebells are the go anywhere workout that helps increase full body strength and power. They also add another level of mobility and stability that only weight can provide.

Kettlebells provide a huge amount of benefit for golfers who are looking for a workout that they can do at home and that is focused on core stabilization, strength and power.

Remember Strength = Power = Longer Drives.

Kettebells can be used for squats, cleans, swings, snatches and more. All power exercises that have been shown to have the most carryover to power in sports like golf.

My recommendation is to start with a pair of the First Place 16kg kettlebells before moving up to the 24kg and 32kg. The First Place bells are used in commercial gyms and can take a beating wherever you use them. As you get stronger and more powerful you can invest in heavier weights as a reward.

#5: Dynamax Medicine Balls

A medicine ball is another great piece of equipment you can take anywhere and that provides the necessary muscular recruitment to create the power you want in your swing.

We’ve all been told in the past that a golf swing involves your entire body and that swinging with just your arms is a losing cause. The weight of the medicine balls force you to use your entire body while throwing them. Your body instinctively uses the hips and core together to simulate the rotary action in your golf swing.

Medicine balls are also great for golfers looking to increase their stability and balance during the swing. When you throw a heavy medicine ball your are forced to stabilize through your hips and core while performing a powerful movement.

If you can stabilize and maintain balance with a 10-20 pound weight you will have no problem doing the same with your golf swing.

My recommendation is to start with a 10 pound, 16 pound and 20 pound Dynamax ball. They are simply the best quality on the market and can take a beating indoors and outdoors.

Where Can You Use the Equipment?

The great part of all of these must-have pieces of golf equipment is that they can be used these anywhere. From your living room and garage to local parks and football fields.

Heading out on vacation?

Obviously, you aren’t taking the kettlebells or medicine balls, but the TRX and Resistance Bands will provide the workout you’ll need for that week. Bring them to use in your hotel room or into the crappy hotel gym.

Literally, anywhere you have some open space.

All of the equipment above should also be available at most gyms. If you are on that vacation or want to continue your workouts locally. You’ll still be using the same equipment when you are there making it easy to continue on your program.

Where to Buy?

I’ve linked to each of the products above.

These items were chosen to maximize the quality of the product while keeping the expense of each in check. These are items I’ve personally used myself and with tons of clients in the past. They stand up under stress and the companies offering them stand behind the product.

You can check out PerformBetter.com to complete your shopping needs or build out your gym further.

Soft Tissue Work Upgrade

Hyperice Hypervolt

The Hypervolt from Hyperice is a new way to take your self massage to another level. It is specific deep massage that can help you recover faster and get rid of any stiffness after a round of golf. It can also help improve blood flood and increase your joint range of motion. It is much more specific and target than you average foam roller could ever be.

Soft Tissue Work On a Budget?

Golf Ball

My guess is you have one of these. These can do wonders on your feet after being on the course.

Give the techniques in the video ball and thank me later.

Lacrosse Ball

The Trigger Point kit is at the top of the list in the self-massage market. It also costs more money than you might be willing to spend. Lacrosse balls won’t give you the same versatility, but they offer a ton of benefit at a low cost. A single ball or a pair will do the trick and can really benefit the hip flexors, chest, and traps.

Do You Still Need a Gym Membership?

Yes and No.

A focus on what’s really important in your gym creates a much clearer picture of what you want your home gym to look like. You don’t need pounds and pounds of weight, a dual cable pulley system, or the hundreds of machines they have to offer.

The 5 pieces above allow you to attack all the attributes of golf fitness you need to improve your swing. They also allow you to do it from your living room, garage, or local park.

What About Treadmills, Machines, and More Weight?

Every movement and every piece of equipment has some benefit to an individual. It all depends on who that individual is and what they are looking to do.

A runner will need more access to treadmills.

A bodybuilding will benefit from having access to more machines.

Power lifters are going to need barbells.

Golfers can benefit from all of the above but the bang for the buck diminishes after the 5 pieces of equipment that are recommended. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t use any other equipment but that for building out a home gym these 5 would be the must haves.

The benefits of the gym membership are specific access to more weight like barbells and dumbbells. I’m also a firm believer in getting out of the house to do your workouts in a more motivational setting.

My recommendation is to invest in the home gym equipment as the staple of your golf fitness program. Put in the work consistently over an 8 to 12 week period.

Really put in the work.

Gain that Mobility and Stability.

Get Stronger and More Powerful.

Then look to supplement your home fitness program with a gym membership as your strength levels outgrow what you have at home.


The gym offers many benefits to golfers, but the amount of equipment offered is unnecessary. The focus for golfers looking to improve their fitness should be centered on improving their soft tissue, mobility, stability, strength, and power. The best pieces of equipment to do this with is:

  1. The Trigger Point Kit to increase the quality of your soft tissue and help in recovery.
  2. Resistance Bands for mobility, stability, and strength.
  3. TRX for mobility, stability, strength and even power.
  4. Kettlebells for stability, strength, and power.
  5. Medicine Balls for power.

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